This is a song I wrote on September 5, 2017.

Harvest Thanks

Harvest Thanks

Mama Gaia, thank you,

Thank you for your blessings.

From your fields we gather

All the gifts you give.

Plenty from the harvest,

Seeing us through winter.

Mama, you provide us

All we need to live.

Father Sun, we thank you,

Thank you for your blessings.

For the warmth you bring us,

Be our welcome guest.

Summer’s come and gone now,

Turning unto darkness.

Sacrifice you’ve given –

Go ye to your rest.

From the summer’s passing,

Autumn’s blazing glory.

Golden shining wheat fields,

Bounty in its prime.

Samhain, soon, and Yuletide,

Then we travel springward –

Once again the Wheel turns –

All comes in its time.

Here we come together,

Celebrate the harvest.

Gratitude and praise, we

Give the Gods their due.

Mama Gaia, thank you,

Father Sun, be blessed.

In this time of plenty

We shall honor you.

© 2017 Lorelei Greenwood


Web Chant 

This is a 3-part chant I wrote for the Web ritual at Rites of Spring in 2004. The chanting intensive group that I led with Windreader worked on this piece and we were invited to perform it at the Web ritual for two years.

Web Chant

Breath-bringer, Storm-caller, Voices on the Wind,

Hand upon the thread and let the Weave begin.

Flame-spinner, Skin-changer, Dancer in the Night,

Start the Transformation of our Spirit’s flight.

Wave-caller, Sea-singer, Diver in the Deep,

Bring into reality the Dreams we keep.

Earth-treader, Grain-cutter, Bones upon the Ground,

Waken to the Power of the Sacred Sound!


Born from Earth, to Earth return,

Onward spins the Wheel.

Energy of life spun upon the Web,

The mystery revealed.


Every thread we weave

Pulls another one.

Spirit calls to us,

Shadow and Sun.

© Lorelei Greenwood-Jones 2004


There’s an old joke that all Pagan chants sound alike, and really, there’s some truth to that. But here is what happens when you blend some together. (All voices are mine).