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I recently discovered, by way of a dear friend, the term Scanner – it refers to a person who has many different interests, and that defines me entirely. Her article is here.

So in the spirit of Scanners everywhere, here are a few of my other creations and interests.


Bread Art

I’ve been making bread since my early 20s, and even had a business for a while. Bread Art is a fun thing, and I’ve experimented a bit.

In November 2017, a friend or two linked a Cornucopia bread art piece to my Facebook page, so I thought, why not try it? So for Thanksgiving 2017, I made this:

The Horn is over 16″ long and is made entirely of bread, as are the vegetables (the cluster of grapes is a good 7″ long). The colorful leaves are sugar cookies that I dyed with food coloring. The following pictures show the wrapping of the born, tying of the pumpkin, and a closeup of the veggies.








In January 2018, we held a 30th year anniversary celebration for the organist at my Unitarian Universalist church. I decided to make a Bread Piano, but upon scanning the web, there was nothing. So here – now there’s something.















Playing with Clay

Ever since I got my paws on Sculpey, I’ve been intrigued with making tiny sculptures. I made some for a long while, but lost interest (see Scanner info). I got some air-dry clay and had a blast at Samhain (Halloween) and in January 2018.


I made a couple of sand castles, too.









Seasonal Crafts

Here are our Halloween tissue-box monsters. We brought them to a party and put the plastic spoons and forks inside.