(© Lorelei Greenwood 2007)

Remember, remember where you’ve come from.
Remember, remember who you are
For time is a river and we are flowing
From here on the earth to beyond the stars.

(Mz. Imani)

We are children of the Divine.
We are children of love.
We are children of the Divine
And we work on the earth plane now.
Blessings to our Mother, the Earth.
Blessings to our Father, the Sky.
Blessings tothe babes of our womb
As we work on the earth plane now.


(Abbi Spinner)

We are spirit, wearing skin
We are spirit, deep within
We are spirit, dancing bones
We are spirit, standing stones
I am the air and I am blowing
I am the fire and I am glowing
I am the water and I am flowing
I am the earth and I am growing


Cauldron of change
Blossom of bone
Arc of eternity
Hole in the stone


As one we walk this earth together
As one we sing to her our song
As one we love her
As one we heal her
Her heart beats with our own as one.

As one we join with her our mother
As one we feel her sacred song
As one we touch her
As one we heal her
Her heart beats with our own as one.

(Lorelei Greenwood)

(To the tune of The Holly and the Ivy)

The Holly and the Oak King
Are Brothers of the Sun
And at Yuletide and in Summertime
Are together joined as one.

For the Sun at Winter Solstice
Is the lowest ebb of light –
But the Sun returns on this special day
And will soon defeat the night.

O the fir trees and the pine boughs
Are of everlasting green
Showing life prevails in the deadly cold
When the spark of life’s unseen.

Dearest Mother Earth is resting
Now that Harvest-time is done
And awaits the birth of her child of light,
The returning of the Sun.

When we are gone, they will remain —
The wind and rock, the fire and rain.
They will remain when we return —
The wind will blow, and the fire will burn.

For those of you who know Emerald Rose, they have a kick-butt song called Freya Shakti which honours the Goddess. You can hear it here. Wispfox brought this song to our attention at Twilight Covening, and we all fell in love with it. After much effort, I finally created the “Gods” version. The name Herne is pronounced “HERN-ah”, Atum is “AH-toom”, Cernunnos is “kerr-NU-nos” and Mananan Mac Lir is “ma-NAN-on mac leer” — Lorelei Greenwood

Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos,
Visnu, Zeus, Mananan Mac Lir
Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos,
Visnu, Zeus, Mananan Mac Lir

High, raising up the Horned One,
Oh, fill my soul
High, raising up the spirit
Oh, make me whole

He is the strength of the Sun at the Solstice,
He is the Oak in the acorn seed
Sound of his heart like the thunder of hoofbeats
Call of the spirit of Nature freed

I know a man who is Hunter and Hunted,
Giving his life as the Wheel turns on
He is the grain that is cut for the Harvest,
He is the hope of the newborn Fawn

Herne, Odin, Atum, Cernunnos….

Freya Shakti © Emerald Rose
Herne Odin (God arrangement) © Lorelei Greenwood, 1/29/05, 10:41 pm

(© Lorelei Greenwood: written for and performed at the Web Ritual for Rites of Spring, 2004)

Breath-bringer, Storm-caller, Voices on the Wind,
Hand upon the thread and let the Weave begin.
Flame-spinner, Skin-changer, Dancer in the Night,
Start the Transformation of our Spirit’s flight.
Wave-caller, Sea-singer, Diver in the Deep,
Bring into reality the Dreams we keep.
Earth-treader, Grain-cutter, Bones upon the Ground,
Waken to the Power of the Sacred Sound.

Born from Earth, to Earth return,
Onward spins the Wheel.
Energy of life spun upon the Web,
The mystery revealed.

Every thread we weave
Pulls another one.
Spirit calls to us,
Shadow and Sun.

(Miriam Klamkin)

Peace in my heart,
Peace between our hearts,
Peace at the heart of the world.

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