Web Chant

August 1, 2010

(© Lorelei Greenwood: written for and performed at the Web Ritual for Rites of Spring, 2004)

Breath-bringer, Storm-caller, Voices on the Wind,
Hand upon the thread and let the Weave begin.
Flame-spinner, Skin-changer, Dancer in the Night,
Start the Transformation of our Spirit’s flight.
Wave-caller, Sea-singer, Diver in the Deep,
Bring into reality the Dreams we keep.
Earth-treader, Grain-cutter, Bones upon the Ground,
Waken to the Power of the Sacred Sound.

Born from Earth, to Earth return,
Onward spins the Wheel.
Energy of life spun upon the Web,
The mystery revealed.

Every thread we weave
Pulls another one.
Spirit calls to us,
Shadow and Sun.

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