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About Me

Lorelei Greenwood

author, photographer, baker extraordinaire


Lorelei Greenwood is the author of:

From Hallow to Harvest: Celebrations for the Wheel of the Year
Poems for the Pagan Heart
For the Love of the Moon: Rituals for the Full Moon
Deeper Into Spirit: Guided Meditations for the Sabbats
and a non-Pagan title but of interest, Off the Beaten Path: A Pictorial Journey Through Nature (her book of nature photography).

Upcoming titles include:

Joined by the Gods: A Book of Pagan Marriage
Hestia’s Way: Creating a Magickal Home.
She also has released a CD of original and traditional tunes called Allure, available on Bandcamp.

Lorelei lives in Maine where she was born and bred and has lived all of her life thus far. Her interests include writing, reading, baking, music, theatre, dance, camping, swimming, crafting, her husband Travis and her son Carter. She has been involved in Paganism in various aspects for over 30 years.

She is a trained Shaman and is actively involved in the Maine Pagan scene where she holds an office in two groups. Lorelei is also active in her local Unitarian Universalist church where she is a Worship Associate and Coffee Goddess.

For more information, please email Lorelei.

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